Rachel 3 years old

This is my baby number 6…


Not so easy life!

AS much as I have lots of ideas to be more active on my blogs, Im finding it very difficult to update!

Well I will post a video of the little one so you get to have an idea at how big they are now!

This video os made by my eldest daughter,she made a surprise for me, the sound isn’t very good, but it is a very sweet video!


Back to the blogging world!

Too long… Wow, I can’t believe that I took this long to write here. This blog has a special place in my heart. It was the very first blog I made and I did it so I could keep in touch with a friend who was moving from Ireland to South Africa. At the time we weren’t too big on facebook and thought that blogging would be the best way to keep close.


I kept writing but more I wrote more I notice that this blog wasn’t going the way I had planned, my posts were like books because they were so long and sometimes maybe boring. So my friends and family in Brazil asked if I could write a blog in Portuguese and that’ s what I did and that is why I haven’t written here ll this time.

I do know however that during this blog’s time, I made new friends, some even through this blog and some still ask me to get back writing. I’m happy to say that I will be back and I will try to write often.

I’m going to start a series on my life from having 3 children living near Dublin with my husband and kids to moving to another county to live among the Amish Mennonites then moving again to a different county and start a journey into finding a new church. Also I will talk about our decision on stop homeschooling for the time being and putting the children in school.

I might make videos instead of writing, just because of the busyness of my life with 7 children. Hope you guys enjoy this new stage of this blog.



Rebekah’s birthday!

Last year I had decided to make a video for all our children as a gift for their birthday, I wanted them all to feel personally loved in a special way. It hasnt been a easy job as it is very hard for a mother to pick and choose what photos and videos to use because to me they are all nice, but I had to make it short enough so the child would enjoy sit and watch and be happy and not bored.

Rebekah, our 4th child turned 4 on the 17th of January, but I couldnt finish her video on time, and ever since she has been asking for her video, so last night I decided to publish what I had. This morning she watched it, and my heart was filled with joy to see her little eyes when she watched herself as a baby, then learning to walk….etc..

Becky is a quiet girl, and when she talks she always have nice words to say about us and other people. She enjoys playing on her own as much as she enjoy playing with others. We love her, and we feel loved and admired by her. Rebekah favorite frase is: I love you mammy you are the best mammy in the whole world! the same goes to Dave, she is always telling him how good he is, and how much she loves him.

Making this video made me realize 3 things:
1- I have hardly any photo with my children, most of our photos are just them together or with other people, why? because I am the camera girl!!!
2- I don’t have much of Dave with the children either, and that is because usually when I take photos Im on my own with the children having fun, and taking photos is like a game!!
3- My girls hair!!!! I was shocked to see that in almost all photos their hair look so messy!!! I do brush them, once a day, in the morning. you wouldn’t say I brushed once a week..haha

Anyway, It was good to learn this little things that I can work on this year,it is nice to have memories and I would like for me and Dave to be on them.
Here is the video, not the best, very homemade, but a lot of love put to it.

I am back!!

After such a long year I am back blogging. So much has happened since Feb 2011.

The two biggest happenings are: Rachel our 6th baby was born in August 2011 and we have moved to West Cork. Many other things happened in between and I will share as I write about different things.

We have many perspective for this year and I am quite happy with our goals, we still have a lot of unpacking to do as we moved at the end of January and the house doesn’t have many storage furniture so we are a bit stuck with few things that have no place to go but we will get there eventually.

I miss my friends in Waterford, Mennonites and no Mennonites. Somehow I realize now that they shaped me in what I am now, and seems like part of me is missing. Well, life goes on and mine for sure has to keep moving, with six busy little ones there is no time to sit and think of lovely things that I used to do or have, but rather make this new beginning be full of happy moments and new inspirations. I love starting again, gives me so much hope. I love my pass but I Do LOVE looking forward to a future full of experiences that will shape us into Christ’s image and also shape the character of our children .

There are other things that have happened in our private family life that has to do with church and spiritual walk, but I prefer not to talk about these here in this blog as it is a touchy subject that might hurt people close to me, so I prefer to just share things that will encourage others or myself.

My next post will be about our 6th baby!!! It was a very nice interesting pregnancy and birth.

God bless your day!

The Rejection Feeling!

Since my last post a lot has happened, good and bad things that I won’t write here just yet as they are still quite fresh and not truly dealt with. So because of all those things that have been happening it made me think of my past, and when that happens I must write as it really bothers me to keep feelings and emotions inside.

Through my whole teenage years I struggled with the “rejection” feeling, I think it is something that I will probably struggle through my whole life, although now I am more realistic about it, I do realize that most times the people who are”rejecting” don’t even know they are doing anything to hurt your feelings, a lot of times it is all about how you see things, and how you work with those things in your own mind.

Well, back to my teenage years, I remember  praying about a particular boy who I thought I loved and I remember crying in prayer asking the Lord to make that boy  feel the same about me. Seems silly, doesn’t it? but if you told me so then you would really have hurt my feelings, I was blind and deaf. No one could say anything that would go against what I was praying about, and I did so for about 7 years! Can you believe it? Today when I look back I know that on the very first year the Lord had already gave me the answer: “NO”!!!, but after all, the boy seemed somehow to be perfect, he was from a good Christian family, the same church, and sometimes he seemed to be a good Christian boy too. But still the Lord kept saying “no” over and over and over, and I cried a lot those years.

When we are going through things like that it seems like there is no end, that your whole life will be like that forever. I remember having thoughts,  imagining the reasons why would that boy did not like me, it is not like he was so handsome, or  that he had so many options, so I thought the problem was for sure me. I blamed my acne problems, my family that wasn’t on the high names of families in the church (I know it sounds horrible, but it did happen in my church and I know it still happens in many churches today). So I was poor and in my mind I was also ugly (I believe most teenagers feel like that). Although that boy was one of my best friends and when we talked he didn’t necessarily make me feel like any of the above mentioned, I still felt the problem was me. I don’t really know why I prayed if I didn’t really want God to help me.

It took years for me to change my prayers, but I remember I was about 17-18 years old when I asked the Lord, if the answer was really NO that He would take the feeling away, it was a sickening feeling that was eating me up.

Many things happened and the Lord did help me when I asked honestly with all my heart. LORD PLEASE HELP ME, THE ONLY PERSON I WANT TO LOVE IS YOU!!

A few years after that prayer a lot changed in my life and one of the things was that I end up in Ireland, and  met Dave, and after only few weeks that we were dating I knew that the best decision I had made was to have let God work in my heart and I was so thankful that he didn’t answer my first prayer the way I wanted. It took a while but it was so worth it to wait. Here I had a true Christian man who Loved the Lord above all.

On our wedding day I felt funny,  I was too happy, could it be true that some one loved me enough to marry me? a lot of bad thoughts went through my mind. The man who was driving me to church came too early so we had to park few blocks away to wait for the time it was the longest few minutes ever, I was so scared, I thought that Dave would change his mind and not show up.. I know it seems a bit silly, but that’s how those sort of feelings are, quite irrational but when you are having them they can kill your soul. I was so relieved when we parked at the front of the church and our friend said : Dave is inside. What a joy! I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. It is so nice to have peace!  and that is what I had the moment I said: I DO !!!

It is not like our marriage is all roses, we do have our struggles, but the Lord has been so faithful to us and has helped and is helping us in all our troubles and we are growing more and more.

It is good to rest in the thought that the Lord always knows what is best for us, even though it seems unfair, trust Him with your heart and He will take care of it for you and when the time comes that you might be ready to share that heart with somebody else, ask the Lord to show you who He wants to share it with. Remember: He wants to be your FIRST love!

Even though my past can hurt sometimes, I am so thankful that I have one, it helps me to appreciate my present and also gives me hope for the future.

Cont. Update and announcement.

Well here I am again. Now I think I will be able to write the post that I had started the other day.

It’s Sunday, and we didn’t go to church as all our family aren’t too well, especially my husband, who’s asthma has been acting up for a few weeks and yesterday it got worse. I feel sorry for him; it must be a horrible thing not being able to breathe well.  Anyway, we stayed home and now we are all quite relaxed having a quiet time and the computer was free, so I decided this is the best time to finish that little post.

Hope you all had a great time with the holiday season, and that the New Year has begun well for you. May God richly bless your path this year.

Well , the update and announcement I suppose most people that read this blog are already aware of is that WE ARE EXPECTING AGAIN! NUMBER 6 IS ON THE WAY!!! I find it amazing how that kind of news spreads in funny ways; I never mean to keep it a secret (well even if I did, I never succeed!). Most people I know wait at least till the first 12 weeks is out of the way. I don’t have anything against that, I actually have tried to do that a few times, but then I tell one person, and it just goes on from there; before I know it I have told almost everyone and I am only about 8 weeks pregnant.

Dave and I often say that our life is like an open book, nothing to hide. We never really had something in our life that we felt we couldn’t or shouldn’t tell anyone about. With this baby it is no different, we told a few people and now everybody knows but they are just waiting to be told by us, so as we get to those that haven’t yet heard from us, I am trying  to have grace and ask “Have you heard the news?” That way I give them a choice, they can choose to say “ Yes, I heard the news, congratulations!”  Instead of saying “I have something to tell you, I am pregnant!“ Because that sometimes makes people pretend they haven’t heard yet, and then it is so awkward that their faces go red and it is very uncomfortable.

I don’t like putting people in an awkward situation. It is wonderful news, another blessing that God has given us, why should I keep it to myself or even be upset about people knowing it by others. I just expect honesty that is all, if you know it, great! Come and talk to me. If I ask if you heard it be honest and tell me you did, it doesn’t matter however you heard it just be happy with us.

Well that was the announcement, now the update:  We are moving!!! West Cork is our stop! The Kinsella family is set for another adventure. Although it is sad to leave our church here, we are quite excited about the move. It is so nice when the Lord brings other single minded people that share the same vision across our paths. Please pray for us! It wasn’t an easy decision to make and it won’t be easy to adapt but if the Lord is in it, He will guide it and grow His work there.  I will post more details when it comes closer to the move date, around March.

That’s the latest news these days, as much as I am happy about the news I am scared too, there is so MUCH to do. De-cluttering our house is the most overwhelming job that comes to my mind, so much stuff. Dave and I are coming up with a plan to do little by little every day.

At the end of the month we are going to West Cork to paint the house we are moving into and get it cleaned up. All exciting stuff, but I am trying to think how I will be able to help much. I would love to paint some, but I think my job will be to cook for those who are helping and minding the children so the helpers can work.

I will be posting as I can. After so long without writing I have had some time to think about this blog and the purpose for it. As much as I want to write anything that comes to my mind, I do want to write things that will somehow bless others too.  So I think my deep thoughts are better than just little things that are happening in my life. Somehow past stories teach me much more than something that is happening now, so I will be back with more of that soon.